What have you done for your[SELF]? / by Tynesia Boyea-Robinson


I recently went back to running my business Reliance Methods full time.  While I’m excited to be back in the saddle again, I must admit that it’s been a little overwhelming.  I need to redo my websites, make new business cards, update my handouts- you get the picture.  And while these may seem like trivial details, they are easy to put on the backburner when you are working with clients.  A few of my friends recently helped me out of my funk by distilling all the little details into a few helpful questions.  

What have you done for your brand?

As a values-driven entrepreneur, you are often still the odd ball in the room.  The traditional capitalists are grilling you about how you should focus only on making money.  On the other hand grantmakers are skeptical that you are committed to a social mission because you want to make money!  I know it’s frustrating, but don’t worry, you’re not crazy!  You’re just in a new frontier and a playbook hasn’t been written yet.

That’s why YOU should help write it!  As an early pioneer of doing well and doing good, you can help shape the field by sharing your lessons learned through blogging, podcasts, you name it!  Writing also has the added benefit of building your brand.  A great place to start is to get your writing out on Medium.  It’s a way to get pieces read that you may have written in the past and connect with like-minded individuals and institutions.

What have you done for your mind?

You wake up every day trying to make your vision a reality.  Some days this is electrifying and you can feel the momentum and progress you’re making.  Other days it’s demoralizing and you’re not sure if this entrepreneurial thing is working out for you.  While this schizophrenic experience is normal, it is also easy to lose perspective.

As a values driven entrepreneur, you need to keep your mental battery refreshed so you can be the change you seek in the world.  I’ve found the How I Built This podcast really helpful to remind myself of the ups and downs with the startup life.  I’m also enjoying the book The Seventh Sense.   You should find whatever tools work best to give you insights and enthusiasm to continue to pour your heart and soul in your endeavor.

What have you done for your body?

You have just so much to do that your body is the easiest thing to neglect.  And believe me, I have much more work to do to build this habit.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog  I love Camp Gladiator.  It is an outdoor boot camp that helps me clear my mind in a supportive and encouraging environment.

I recently tried a three week clean eating makeover, which had surprising results.  First, I found once I stopped drinking caffeine, I no longer craved it.  Second, once I stopped being incredibly hangry, I realized how much more energy I had when I ate healthier foods.  I’m not a clean food convert yet, but these little victories help me continue to progress even when things feel tough.

I’m grateful to have such wonderful family and friends who cheer me on and believe in me.  And I believe mission driven leaders need that encouragement more than ever to be successful.  So, fellow values-driven entrepreneur, what have you done for YOURSELF today?