SXSWi: Is Your City A Hub for Innovation? / by Tynesia Boyea-Robinson

A key thread throughout SXSWi is innovation.  If you're wondering whether you have an innovative city, compare where you live to the ideal Mayor Kevin Johnson describes in the clip below.

Mayor Johnson SXSW from Living Cities on Vimeo. Even if your city does not meet the ideal yet, the 4 "Is" can be a tool to help you drive the change you want to see.  One key step is to build a coalition of the willing to work with you.  The challenges are too big for any one organization to solve alone so a prerequisite for change is for people to both do different things and do things differently.  It is challenging for people to work together and there are many barriers to overcome.  I discussed both concepts during the panel.

Ty SXSW from Living Cities on Vimeo.


It is also important to have leadership in your city who is willing to work directly with the community to channel their energy and assets towards change.  Mayor Richard Berry shared his approach for creating this environment in Albuquerque.

Mayor berry SXSW from Living Cities on Vimeo.


What struck me most through the discussion is that cities cannot be innovative without you!  What are ways you can channel your own passions and talent to building a city you are proud of?